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SMARTJAC certificate based PKI minidriver enabled demo card

SMARTJAC certificate based minidriver demo card including contact interface and contacless Mifare 1k, EM4200 contactless interfce + HiCo Mag.Stripe

( Graphical and Electronical personalisation by request )

€29.50 Ex Tax: €29.50

SMARTJAC SIM Card adapter micro 3FF >> mini 2FF

Micro SIM Card adapter >> SIM Size 2FF Version

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

SMARTJAC - Minidriver Enabled Certificate based PKI Java Card Demo Kit. Plug & Play Eval Kit for Small & Medium Enterprise Business

Smart Card Management solutions for Small and Medium size business.

SMARTJAC - Minidriver enabled PKI Java Card. Plug & Play Eval Kit for Small & Medium Enterprise Business

  • Getting Started Letter
  • USB Smart Card Reader
  • Minidriver enabled Smart Card
  • Minidriver Key,usb token incl minidriver enabled smart card
  • vCMS k-serie Smart Card Management software tool
  • Operator Token

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

Card Holder with Lanyard and YoYo

Cardholder: Cardholder for one card or two slightly thinner cards. Greatly appreciated for it's simple, clean design. Inset hoops for versatile assembly of accessories. It is possible to engrave a company name or logo on the rear of the card holder. Material: PP. Dim.: 88.5x59 x 5 mm. Card format: CR80.

Yoyo: Durable yoyo for cards that are used frequently. One or more cards as well as individual keys can be carried on the yoyo. The Yoyo is either attached directly to the belt loop or with clip CK Yoyo Hook. Logo printing is very popular. Max printing surface 30 mm. Supplied as standard with Card retainer (KF) 1, but is available with other retainers (see picture). Material: POM. Dim.: 70x40x8 mm. Cord length: 80 cm.

Lanyard: Woven Lanyard in polyester with a beautiful patterned nickel plated metal clamp. Supplied with a mounted safety buckle (ABS) & CK Sport hook. Length: 90 cm.

€7.00 Ex Tax: €7.00

vSEC:CMS - Smart Card Management Software Evaluation Kit

The vSEC:CMS Try 'n' Buy package

The vSEC:CMS S-Series is fully functional with minidriver enabled smart cards and it streamlines all aspects of a smart card management system by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physicalaccess control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers... the list goes on. With vSEC:CMS organizations can issue smart cards to employees, personalize the smart card with authentication credentials and manage the lifecycle of the smart card - directly from the off-the-shelf product.

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

RFID Keyfob - Mifare 1k

RFID Keyfob - Mifare 1k

Multiple desing and color options available by request to

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

Company Badge (Small Enterprise)

Minidriver Enabled Company Badge Solution Elements:

→ Minidriver enabled range of Smart Card and USB Smart Card Reader.

→ Hybrid Card (contactless) bodies for combining physical and logical access.

→ vCMS Smart Card Management software to manage any minidriver Smart Card.

Advanced Smart Card life cycle management made easy and secure !

€20.80 Ex Tax: €20.80

Desktop Stand for PC Twin Smart Card Reader

Improves desktop handling comfort of GemPC Twin

€6.60 Ex Tax: €6.60

USB Floppy Bay Pack 3''1/2 for PC Twin reader-black

Adapted to PC Twin USB smart card reader

€10.20 Ex Tax: €10.20

mToken Secure Micro SD PKI Card

mToken Secure Micro SD PKI Card

mToken TF Smart Card PKI carrier Micro SD card (8GB Memory Size)

Dimension (mm) 15*11*1

Mobile PKI carrier

mToken TF is a common SD card but integrated with PKI solution, it is mainly focused on mobile terminal PKI application.
TF is a mass storage PKI carrier; independent from PC connections.

With a built-in high performance smart-card chip based,it can be used conveniently in any built-in SD/TF slot device such as mobile and tablet, so TF has great adaptability.

With mToken TF, user can protect sensitive data and ensure operation security by on-board algorithms:
MD5, 3DES, SHA1, RSA and AES.

Meanwhile, mToken TF fits international cross platform standard interfaces, so it can be used in Android, Linux, Windows, Mac .etc.

Additionally, there exists 4Gb ~ 16Gb secure capacity provided for user’s option.

€104.65 Ex Tax: €104.65

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