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SMARTJAC SIM Card adapter nano 4FF >> mini 2FF

Nano SIM Card adapter >> SIM Size 2FF Version

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

SMARTJAC SIM Card adapter nano 4FF >> micro 3FF

Nano SIM Card adapter >> Micro SIM Size 3FF Version

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

Test SIM - UICC Card Evaluation Kit

Test SIM Card Evaluation Kit incl:

1 x USB SIM card reader
2 x 3G card (Milenage) 
2 x 4G/LTE card (Milenage)
2 x 4G/LTE card (XOR) 
2 x ISIM/Volte UICC card 
4 x SIM adapter 
1 x SIM Editor Software Tool eval license - 10 days

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

Trusted Remote Support Service Kit for UICC/SIM Cards

Trusted remote support service kit for UICC/SIM cards.

€250.00 Ex Tax: €250.00

Cinterion Connect Shield

Cinterion® Connect Shield ELS61-E (LTE Cat1)

Gemalto’s Cinterion® Connect Shield is a Cellular IoT maker Board operating in an Arduino stack. It helps system integrators, channel and eco-system partners driving cellular IoT technology into commercial products.It comes with the current ELS61 (LTE Cat1).

1:Contains LTE Cat 1 module ELS61.
2:On board I2C temperature and ambient light sensor as well as 4-bit I2C extender with 3 LED’s connected
3:On board micro-SIM card holder
4:ON/OFF button plus additional programmable arbitrary button
5:Power supply for the Connect Shield through Arduino 5V interface and/or an additional micro-USB on board allowing flexible powering distribution
6:The Cinterion Connect Shield operates as a ‘slave’ in an Arduino stack. To use the module with its Java features as a ‘master’ order the Cinterion® Concept Board

€169.00 Ex Tax: €169.00

IoT Concept Board

IoT prototyping tool with integrated 3G Java-module and GPS.

The Cinterion® Concept Board provides a simple environment with everything a developer needs to quickly transform creative ideas into the next trendsetting solution for the Internet of Things and is the perfect companion to get started with M2M. The development kit connects with Arduino-style sensor boards for super-fast prototyping and features a Cinterion EHS8 Java-powered module (Java ME 3.2) for global 2G and 3G cellular connectivity. It now also features GPS.

1:3G EHS6 M2M module incl. GPS
2:Application processor with Java-support (J2ME 3.2)
3:Board extension connector
4:Arduino-styled connector
5:Integrated user buttons and LEDs

€229.00 Ex Tax: €229.00

SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit

Unwrap & Extend your Java Knowledge!
The SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit (SDK), a complete package containing all the vital components required for the development of smart card applications, enables an easy way to develop Java applet with patented SIMoME® technology. The SIMoME® JAR SDK provides tools, sample codes, and technical support service to assist developers to effectively incorporate SIMoME® JAR technology into their solutions.

SIMoME® JAR Cards (3+4FF) x 6 pcs
Card Reader x 1 pc
Technical Support x 1 month (through proprietary technical support website)
SIMoME® JAR Card spec
Development Environment Setup Guide
Sample Code
Development Tools

€1,000.00 Ex Tax: €1,000.00

Smartjac Test Product

Webstore Test Product

€1.00 Ex Tax: €1.00

Dummy product

Just for test

€1.00 Ex Tax: €1.00

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