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Readers and Tokens

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IDBridge K3000 - Secure USB Token + PKI Smart Card + MicroSD

Platform for Enterprise Secure Token Offer.

1:Zero-foot print plug-and-play on multiple operating systems when configured in HID (Human Interface Device)
2:Integrated in Microsoft smart card environment when configured in CCID (Chip Card Interface Device)
3:Metal outer housing for protection against physical damage
4:Versatile interface accepting .NET, FIPS 140-2 level 3 or Common Criteria PPSSCD certified smart cards
5:High flash memory capacity from 2 and 32GB with AES hardware encryption capability

€69.00 Ex Tax: €69.00

IDBridge CT10 - Embeddable contact smart card reader

IDBridge CT10 Sconnector (Legacy Name : POS Smart Connector)

All in one smart card reader. Easy to integrate in your device.

1:One smart card interface
2:4 external SAM interfaces
3:EMV level 1 certified


€25.20 Ex Tax: €25.20

IDBridge CT30 - PC USB TR Smart Card Reader

IDBridge CT30 usb smart card reader

€19.75 Ex Tax: €19.75

IDBridge CT40 - USB Smart Card Reader SL

USB Smart Card Reader SL

€19.25 Ex Tax: €19.25

IDBridge CT700 - Weighted PIN Pad Reader

1:Secures the Pin Code. by being checked directly to the smart card and never going out to the PC
2:Manages the Pin entry (remaining tries. key stroke time out....)
3:Guides the user with a large display

€68.60 Ex Tax: €68.60

IDBridge CT710 - Slim PIN Pad Reader

USB Pinpad Smart Card Reader in a light casing.

1:Secure Pin Entry (compliance EAL3+)
2:PC/SC V2 compliant
3:EMV L1 compliant

€46.50 Ex Tax: €46.50

IDBridge K30 (Transparent) (Legacy Name : Usb Shell Token V2 (Smart Card not included)

Innovative transparent SIM and SMART card reader.

1:USB full speed 12 Mbps
2:PS/SC Microsoft certified
3:CCID compliant

€19.25 Ex Tax: €19.25

IDBridge K50 - Tamperproof Smart Card USB Reader Key

Tamper evident USB token with SIM card interface.

1:Plug-in card reader for SIM sized smart cards
2:Robust tamper evident design
3:Waterproof protection

€23.45 Ex Tax: €23.45

IDBridge CT1100 - Bluetooth Smart Badge Holder-black

1:Bluetooth low energy 4.0 and USB 2.0
2:Gemalto driver package, secure AES encrypted pairing
3:For all non BLE hosts and for W 7/8.1 hosts this requires a BLE Dongle : Bluegiga BLED112-V1
4:For ID0 ISO7816 smart cards
5:Dimensions = 101 mm x 63 mm x 9 mm and weight = 45 grs
6:Storage duration without charging limited to 3 months

Use Cases: *Secure remote access (VPN/ Web) *Digital signature *Network logon *Strong two-factor authentication *Email encryption



€122.80 Ex Tax: €122.80

Desktop Stand for PC Twin Smart Card Reader

Improves desktop handling comfort of GemPC Twin

€6.60 Ex Tax: €6.60

IDBridge CL10 Antenna (Legacy Name : Prox C2 Antenna Device)

Ready to use antenna and cable.

1:50 ohms impedance
2:50 cm long cable with connector
3:Compliant with the Prox-Module OEM coupler
4:Reading distance: 0 to 6 cm

€24.75 Ex Tax: €24.75

IDBridge CL20 C2 (Legacy Name : Prox C2)

1:RS232 link
2:Cabling length up to 30m
3:High level commands
4:Embedded T=CL protocol
5:PC/SC V2.0 driver for Windows OS
6:Powerful Development Kit available

€74.90 Ex Tax: €74.90

IDBridge CL20 P5 (Legacy Name : Prox P5)

 IDBridge CL20 Contactless Outdoor Smart Card Reader

1:3m long RS485 cable without connector
2:Possible extension up to 1200m
3:High level commands
4:Embedded T=CL protocol
5:Powerful Development Kit available

€82.50 Ex Tax: €82.50

IDBridge PC Twin Serial Smart Card Reader

Innovative transparent design with serial links

€19.50 Ex Tax: €19.50

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