R502- Dual Interface Smart Card Reader

Product Code: SMAFE502R
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: €64.00
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R502 is a dual-interface smart card reader. It is based on CCID driver. It supports not only contact cards compliant with ISO 7816 but also contactless cards compliant with ISO 14443 and contactless cards following MIFARE® standard. It also provides SIM card slots for many kinds of smart card applications. Moreover R502 comes with the SAM slot suitable for GSM 11.11 cards.

R502 is a terminal interface device for smart card applications and system integrations. With support for smart cards using different interfaces, R502 can be widely used in industries or applications requiring electronic payment and authentication, especially suitable for the high security fields. It is an optimal solution for authentication, e-commerce, financial organizations, access control etc.


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Device
  • Compliant with PC/SC, CCID Standards
  • Firmware supports upgrading in encryption
  • Reader ID is configurable
  • Compliant with EMV Level 1
  • Build-in antenna
  • Supports contactless smart cards compliant with ISO 14443 type A and B
  • Support MIFARE Classic® and MIFARE Ultralight® C
  • Contactless function can be turned off in specific environment
  • Support Windows 2000+/Linux/Mac OS X
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