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IDCore 10 Java Card (Rev C) with MPCOS

PKI Javacard with RSA & ECC support.

1:Compliant to Javacard 2.2.2 and GP2.1
2:MPCOS applet installed with sample keys
3:Support of RSA & ECC

€17.76 Ex Tax: €17.76

IDPrime MD 830 - Minidriver Enabled PKI Java Card. Plug & Play

IDPrime MD 830 is a Plug and Play contact interface smart card and is available in two version with different security certification. One is FIPS 140-2 Level 3, and the other is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified, for both the Java platform and the combination of Java platform plus PKI applet.

€23.58 Ex Tax: €23.58

IDPrime MD 3810 - Minidriver enabled PKI Java card with Mifare 1k

IDPrime MD 3810 is a dual-interface smart card that allows for communication via a contact interface or contactless using NFC.
SafeNet Authentication Client 10.1 extends the compatibility of these smart cards to any type of application in Windows environments. Plug and Play with Windows

€27.07 Ex Tax: €27.07

IDPrime PIV (Personal Identity Verification) card

IDPrime PIV 2.1

Personal Identity Verification-interoperable ID credentials for Federal agencies, government contractors, state and
local governments and private sector organizations.

IDPrime PIV (Personal Identity Verification) card is a FIPS 201 standards-based card for US government agencies, state and local government organizations to issue user credentials that the Federal Government can trust. The same card can be used for either a CIV or PIV-I based deployment depending on company policies and requirements. IDPrime PIV cards deliver high levels of security for identity management and authentication, as well as interoperability and trust with federal agencies and departments.

€37.34 Ex Tax: €37.34

SMARTJAC certificate based PKI minidriver enabled demo card

SMARTJAC certificate based minidriver demo card including contact interface and contacless Mifare 1k, EM4200 contactless interfce + HiCo Mag.Stripe

( Graphical and Electronical personalisation by request )

€29.50 Ex Tax: €29.50

IDPrime Minidriver Card - Pre-Cut 2FF

Minidriver smart card in a SIM 2FF pre-cut card body (white) 

Perfect integration in Windows environment—Certified and distributed by Microsoft, the IDPrime MD minidriver ensures immediate integration with all Microsoft environments, plus Plug & Play service up to Windows 10, based on a secure chip flashmask with a total capacity of 300KB.

Centralized management control— IDPrime 830 is fully supported by SafeNet Authentication Manager, which
reduces IT overhead by streamlining all authentication operations, including deployment, provisioning, enrollment, and ongoing maintenance, as well as offering support for lost tokens.

No compromise on security—As reflected by the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification of the combination of java platform and the PKI applet, the IDPrime MD 830 smart cards implement the most advanced security countermeasures for enforcing protection of all sensitive data and functions in the card.

Enhanced cryptographic support—IDPrime MD offers PKI services with both RSA and elliptic curves.

1:PKI two factors authentication
2:Compliant with Microsoft Base CSP & Minidriver architecture
3:SIM 2FF Pre-Cut card format

€20.80 Ex Tax: €20.80

IDPrime .NET 5500 - Biometric Smart Card

IDPrime .NET 5500 biometric smart card.

1:PKI and biometric two factors authentication
2:Compliant with Microsoft Base CSP & Minidriver architecture
3:.NET BIO client software on Windows XP and 7

€32.40 Ex Tax: €32.40

MIFARE S50 Blank Card

MIFARE Classic 1K is accepted as the Market-leading technology ISO14443A. MIFARE Classic 1K smart card is a great solution for E-ticket, payment, hotels, access control and time attendance systems.

MIFARE Classic 1K S50 smart card is widely used in the secure RFID applications. The 1KByte of EEPROM is configured into 16sectors, so one single card can be applied for multi- applications.

Chip: MIFARE Classic 1K S50 (NXP original)
Function: Read/write (protected by password)
Memory size: 1K-Byte EEPROM (16 sectors)
Frequency: 13.56MHz
RF Protocol: ISO14443A

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

FuDan Blank Contactless Card

100 x Fudan 1K blank Card

  • CR80 3 3/8" x 2 1/8"
  • Access control, e-payment
  • CMYK printing, logo
  • ICs: FM08, MIFARE Classic® 1K

€200.00 Ex Tax: €200.00

IDCore 30 B FIPS certified Javacard

IDCore 30 B FIPS certified Javacard.

1:Flash memory PKI JavaCard
2:122KB Flash (equivalent EEPROM) available for application & data
3:RNG according to latest NIST requirements
4:FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified

€18.52 Ex Tax: €18.52

IDCore 40 PKI Java card with RSA & ECC support. CC EAL5+Javacard certified

PKI Javacard with RSA & ECC support. CC EAL5+/Javacard certified.

1:Compliant to Javacard 2.2.2 and GP2.1
2:Certified CC EAL5+ with Javacard Protection Profile
3:MPCOS applet installed with sample keys
4:Support of RSA & ECC


€20.84 Ex Tax: €20.84

Company Badge (Small Enterprise)

Minidriver Enabled Company Badge Solution Elements:

→ Minidriver enabled range of Smart Card and USB Smart Card Reader.

→ Hybrid Card (contactless) bodies for combining physical and logical access.

→ vCMS Smart Card Management software to manage any minidriver Smart Card.

Advanced Smart Card life cycle management made easy and secure !

€20.80 Ex Tax: €20.80

IDPrime MD 3940 minidriver enabled PKI smart card. Dual Interface. Plug & Play Smart Card

Plug & Play Smart Card

The SafeNet IDPrime 3940, a dual-interface smart card, is an ideal solution for enterprises looking to deploy PKI multi-factor authentication. If you need to communicate with contact or a contactless ISO14443 interfaces, or some NFC readers, SafeNet IDPrime 3940 is a convenient solution for enterprises seeking compliance with CC EAL5+, eIDAS or ANSSI regulations.

€29.85 Ex Tax: €29.85

IDPrime MD 830 smart card w/o OTP - SIM 2FF Pre-cut

IDPrime MD 830 B FIPS 140-2 Level 3 w/o OTP SIM 2FF Pre-cut material ABS.

1:Minidriver enabled contact smartcard, with Plug & Play capability
2:FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified (minimum key length: RSA 2048)
3:Fully supported by IDGo 800 (Minidriver, PKCS#11 libs, Credential Provider)
4:SIM Pre-cut 2FF format (for insertion in IDBridge K30 or K50)

€22.47 Ex Tax: €22.47

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