IDPrime .NET 5500 - Biometric Smart Card

Brand: Gemalto
Product Code: SMAGO1011586C
Weight: 0.01kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Price: €32.40
Ex Tax: €32.40

IDPrime .NET 5500 offer is an innovative software solution that provides fingerprint biometric support for IDPrime .NET smart cards integrated with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.
Gemalto IDPrime .NET 5500 solution enables fingerprint Match-on-Card user authentication as an alternative or complement to smart card PIN verification. This in turn gives access to the digital certificates on the card, that can then be used for logon, digital signature, file encryption, secure VPN access among other services. This offer provides a secure two or three factor authentication system that is convenient for users, easy to deploy and manage, and fully compatible with the smart card security components available in Windows OS. It is also compatible with the vast majority of fingerprint sensors available in the market.
The IDPrime .NET 5501 smart card is the hybrid version compliant with a wide list of contactless card bodies.



  • Fingerprint storage and fingerprint verification performed on-card
  • 4 different modes modes for card authentication: PIN only, Fingerprint Only, PIN or Fingerprint, PIN and Fingerprint
  • Storage for up to 10 fingerprint templates
  • Compatible with standard fingerprint sensors
  • Integrated with Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft applications and 3rd party applications that support Microsoft's Windows Smart Card Framework (and Windows Biometric Framework of Windows 7)
  • User experience consistent with Microsoft OS
  • Compliant with the Microsoft Minidriver specifications version 7
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